RHB  Industrieausrüstungen e.K.

plants and processes for surface-treatment


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Plants – Processes – Accessories

The full range for surface-treatment



Ĝ  Anodizing and Electroplating Equipment (filter pumps / chem. processes / rectifiers / racks (incl. titanium) / immersion heaters / anode bags / filter cloth  / suction plants / plastic and metal constructions ...)


Ĝ  Powder-Coating-Booths (plants / application-equipment / individual solutions)


Ĝ  Effluent-Treatment (plants and processes, filtration, vacuum-evaporation / distillation ...)


Ĝ  Shot-Blast-Systems (AUER)


Ĝ  Washing-Cabinets and Washing-Toploaders (TEIJO)


Ĝ  Filters for Air-Conditioning


Ĝ  Pumps and Filtration  (liquids / recovery of precious-metals)


Ĝ  Accessories, Materials, Processes



Ĝ  We are at your side with long term competence and experience